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Shidare Shojo -If I Must...- by Kiosho-Shihoin
Shidare Shojo -If I Must...-
This is a commission drawn by the talented Rush--it. I would appreciate it if you take a look at their gallery if you appreciate the art. All of the artists I commission are amazing at their trade and deserve your actual praise.

Original Piece: ready by Rush--it

Here is the rarely seen and even more rarely heard, Shidare Shojo - Kiosho Shihoin's Zanpakuto spirit.

Although she doesn't like to be violent, she is a true combatant to be reckoned with.

The full quote from the title is:

??? widened his stance, narrowing his azure gaze at the lithe Zanpakuto spirit before him, "If you stand before me then you must be dealt with as well."
Shidare shojo reluctantly held out her hand, the sealed state of her blade materializing in her grasp. She reluctantly moved the blade in front of her, wrapping her other porcelain white hand around it's hilt, "If I must..."

Character Sheet:  Shidare Shojo - Zanpakuto OC
Name: Shidare Shojo しだれ処女
Age: 115 (Appears to be eternally 23.)
Gender: Female
Species: Zanpakuto Spirit
Wielder: Kiosho Shihoin
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115
Appearance & Personality: Shidare Shojo is a female spirit making her one of the few girl Zanpakuto spirits to belong to a male Shinigami. Shidare Shojo's hair is long and straight, ending at her lower back and is colored a deep purple. Her skin is fair and unblemished, seeming almost porcelain in creation. Shidare Shojo sports several facial markings, the first being two twin purple lines, lighter than her hair, about an inch wide starting at the bottom of her eyes and stretching downward to mid-cheek, then angle away from her nose ending at her jaw line. The other facial markings she adorns is two teardrop like markings on the outside of her eyes, beginning at the outer corner of her eye with the thin portion of the tear drop, then growing wi


Bleach © Kubo Tite
Kiosho Shihoin © Kiosho-Shihoin
Shidare Shojo © Kiosho-Shihoin
Original Artwork © Rush--it


Kiosho-Shihoin's Profile Picture
Jimmy VanOrman ヴァンオーマン ジミー
United States

:bulletpurple:Hello, I am Jimmy Leon VanOrman III and I love art, but lack in making it; I do believe myself to be a good writer though, I write well.

:bulletpurple:Like I said, I am no artist by any means, but I am a: Commisioner, Amatuer Writer, Proficient Roleplayer, and Novice Cartographer.

:bulletpurple:My favorite type of art is anime; Bleach, Claymore, and Deadman Wonderland are some of my favorite animes - even though I have dozens I enjoy. Although, it's not the Bleach series I fell in love with by Kubo Tite, but more so, the Bleach universe, such as it's races, worlds, weapons, and overall concept; I love Claymore dearly, I just wish there were boy Claymores :( ; I instantly fell in love with Deadman Wonderland, despite hearing Ganta's annoying voice 100x every episode. The concept just seems so intriguing to me; I love Digimon & Pokemon as much if not more then I did as a kid, I guess the child in me will always have a soft spot for the shows I grew up on; And I love maps - descriptive detail of cities, villages, and entire mythical lands just intrigue and amuse me.

Well, that is it about me. Have any further questions, just ask; I'm a pretty nice guy..!


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