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Name: Kiosho Shihoin (京商四楓)(Key-oh-show) (She-hoe-nn)

Nicknames: Kio, Lieutenant Kiosho, Mirror-Man (only called that by a since deceased arrancar.)

Family: Shihoin Clan

Family Status: 1 of 5 Noble Houses in the Soul Society.

Family Head: Unknown

Age: 419 (Appears to be in his early twenties)

Gender: Male

Species: Shinigami / Soul-Reaper

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society, Shihoin Family

Previous Affiliation: Onmitsukidō

Team: 3rd Division

Previous Team(s): Detention Unit

Occupation: Lieutenant of Squad 3, Defensive Arts Instructor at Shino Academy, Jigokukagi Kipa (Hell Key Keeper)

Previous Occupation(s): Corps Commander of the Detention Unit of the Onmitsukidō

D.O.B: The 17th of July

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130 lb.

Blood Type: B+

Relatives: Shihoin Family - No notable members.

Education: Shino Academy

Appearance: Kiosho Shihoin is a lean young male with fully developed abdominal muscles and his overall structure is sculpted with well defined muscles. He encompasses well known Shihoin family traits - dark ebony kissed skin and dark black/purple hair. Kiosho's hair is about ear length and spiked on the top while the sides of his head are shaved short. He has deep cold purple eyes that are darker at the rim and lighter as they move towards the pupil. Kiosho is apart of the few Shinigami whom are ambidextrous, meaning he is highly capable with both his right and left hand. A scar is located under his right arm on his midsection at his ribs; this scar, along with Kiosho's dark complexion, are hidden beneath the self-customized Shinigami Shihakushō that he wears. Kiosho's Shihakushō is quite different from the simplistic one that is standard to all Shinigami. First off, the black Kosode is tighter and more slim fitting, hugging close to his thin stature. Another edit to his attire is the right sleeve of his Kosode which is missing up to his shoulder, while the left one remains the same. Kiosho now wears a long sleeve, skin tight, white shirt that attaches to the middle finger of both of Kiosho's hands and has a V neck-line that ends at his collarbone, in place of the regularly worn Shitagi. His black Hakama are now more tight, yet still retaining some of it's original bagginess; at the bottom of his Hakama though, the opening is tightly constricted to his ankles. The additional change to Kiosho's uniform is a purple Obi that wraps around his waist and ties off centered, aligning more towards his right hip. The final flare to his attire is a symbolically thin white cloth that resembles a collar-like adornment wrapped around his neck. Kiosho is well-known for having a dazzling smile, which is rarely seen and only talked about among other squads.

Personality: Kiosho is a mostly serious Shinigami, rarely smiling - although his smile is renowned all over the Seireitei as being dazzling. Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Kiosho is entirely faithful to the Soul-Society and it's inhabitants, respecting all his fellow Shinigami. Kiosho's real allegiance lies of course with his Captain and division though. He treats his fellow division members with respect and understanding, but also pushes them to be the best, vying to make his squad the best of all the Soul Society. Hailing from one of the 5 noble houses of the Soul-Society, Kiosho seems to carry himself with a certain degree of nobility and pride, leading somewhat to his solidarity. Kiosho suffers from two common phobia: Necrophobia - fear of death, and Arachnophobia - fear of spiders. Kiosho's fear of death is almost materialized in his Zanpakuto which is an extension of his inner instability. Kiosho never gets close enough to anyone to truly show his feelings; apart from those few he grew up with, whom happened to be members of the other 4 noble houses of the Soul-Society, or those he deems worthy. Kiosho's hate is easily gained for a couple of main reasons. One hatred Kiosho has is his detest for Hollows, Arrancars, and those who align with them. He also hates those who betray the Soul Society with a burning passion, which even goes as far as disobeying direct orders; Kiosho takes duty and service very seriously and will not tolerate disobedience.

Abilities: Whether it be due to his fear of death, Zanpakuto type, or lack of confidence in his abilities, Kiosho has managed to fully master the art of defense. He exerts a great skill in the defensive arts, because 90% of Kiosho's actions are cause-and-effect, he simply reacts to what is given to him with a fluid battle technique, never being the one to change the status of battle. Kiosho's style in battle is using his opponents force against them.

-Zanjutsu Expert: In the ways of Zanjutsu, Kiosho wields his blade masterfully when defending himself, seemingly calculating his opponents next swing before it's made, although he himself can rarely, if ever, land a blow on an opponent do to his unskillful use of dealing damage and unimaginative tactics.

-Kido Expert: In the art of Kido, he lacks the ability and know-how to use higher level hado then #31 (apart from Hado #58 Tenran); on the other hand, he is quite masterful with bakudo, which was only made expert level due to his former position as the Corps Commander of the Detention Unit in the Onmitsukidō which called for him to apprehend prisoners with any means possible. Kiosho has mastered the styles of Eishohaki (Incantation Abandonment) and Kojutsu Eisho (Spoken-After Incantation). After years of developing these skills he can now easily cast simple spells such as Hado #1 Sho with a snap of his finger which is powerful enough to send a 3rd Seat or lower flying backwards while a Lieutenant or Captain may simply slide back a few feet; Kiosho can cast a powerful enough Bakudo #4 Sai to entrap even a Lieutenant class Shinigami for at least a little while. Most commonly used Kido: Bakudo #1 Sai, #8 Seki, #9 Geki, #9 Horin, #21 Sekienton, #26 Kyokko, #39 Enkosen, #63 Sajo Sabaku, #68 Inemuri, #72 Hakufuku, #75 Tanma Otoshi, #79 Noren Mekuri, and #83 Sentan Hakuja; Hado #1 Sho, #4 Byakurai, #31 Shakkaho, and #58 Tenran; and Keikatsu.

          +Shunuta (Flash Song): an ability that is a variation to the technique, Shunko; except this technique only surrounds the casters hands from the wrist up, extending about an inch past the finger tips, in a condensed Kido. This technique can be used for several different purposes. The first use for this technique is medical practices used similar to a scalpel since the tip of the Kido mass at the finger tips is sharper then a katana and 5x more precise. This technique can also be used defensively since the condensed Kido is as strong as an Arrancar's Hierro and can deflect even a katanas blade. Another use for this technique is as an offensive application since the condensed Kido is sharp and strong; also by using your Kido covered palm you can fire a thin release of Kido into an opponents body on contact which can disrupt an opponents flow of Reiryoku, strengthening the amount of blockage with each contact with the Kido covered hands, this use of the technique is called Mukokika (Nullifying Grace). The final common use for Shunuta is an escape tactic for cutting through rope, wire, or Kido restraints. To perform Shunuta you must have a great surplus of Reiryoku and great concentration. The amount of time you can use this technique depends on the amount of Reiryoku you posses while normally only certain Lieutenant and Captain class Shinigami whom are advanced in the art of Kido can even perform such a technique.

-Hakudo Practioner: Kiosho has no notable prowess with this skill and mainly relies on his extensive knowledge of Kido and his Zanpakuto to fight battles, if unarmed he'll use Kido to either defeat his opponent or as a distraction while he retrieves his weapon or escape.

-Hohō Expert: As a natural occurring mastery among the Shihoin family, Kiosho is well advanced in the art of hohō, ranking at the highest end of the Lieutenant class maybe even lower Captain class, but by far not the fastest Shinigami;. This skill has only been kept as well as it has because of his defensive nature and need to evade and escape situations.

-High Reiatsu/Immense Reiryoku: Due to his rank, skill, heritage, and raw power Kiosho has an unusually high Reiryoku level, far surpassing a Lieutenants level of Reiryoku and reaching that of a common Captains. Although his Reiryoku is at an immense level, his Reiatsu is hardly that of the strongest Lieutenants. Kiosho is also very skilled in sensing, tracking, and classifying spiritual energies and pressures. His Reiatsu is a fluid white color and fills people with the sense of being cold.

Zanpakuto: Shidare Shojo (Weeping Maiden しだれ乙女). Kiosho's Zanpakuto lay sheathed at his left hip and has a dull black sheath, a light lavender and black crisscrossed grip, an oval shaped tsuba with a tear drop like design on each side of the blade upon the tsuba and either side of the tsuba, and the blade of the weapon itself is a bit darker then a normal katana's.

Zanpakuto Spirirt: Shidare Shojo is a female spirit making her one of the few girl Zanpakuto spirits to belong to a male Shinigami. Shidare Shojo's hair is long and straight, ending at her lower back and is colored a deep purple. Her skin is fair and unblemished, seeming almost porcelain in creation. Shidare Shojo sports several facial markings, the first being two twin purple lines, lighter than her hair, about an inch wide starting at the bottom of her eyes and stretching downward to mid-cheek, then angle away from her nose ending at her jaw line. The other facial markings she adorns is two teardrop like markings on the outside of her eyes, beginning at the outer corner of her eye with the thin portion of the tear drop, then growing wider as it moves away from her eyes, forming two perfectly placed teal markings resembling teardrops. Shidare Shojo's eyes are a light lander, lighter then her facial markings, and seem sorrowful as if she is constantly sad. Shidare Shojo's lips are as pale as her skin and seem to be always formed in a gentle smile, as if behind it is simply sadness, but she is attempting to put on a front that she is actually glad. This spirit sports a purple, lavender, and white outfit. When manifested outside of Kiosho's Zanpakuto, she wields her sword very fluidly and with much grace and nobility, but refuses to harm anyone with a direct strike, simply defending herself the entirety of the time. Shidare Shojo is gentle, kind, and lies to spare others her sorrow; she cares greatly for Kiosho and his well being. She would do anything to please him, but is sad a large portion of the time because of his tendency to battle, her wish being that he never fight, unless completely necessary and even then should only draw his sword to defend himself. As a kind spirit she is always nice to Kiosho but most often cries during their talks in meditation. Despite her urging for Kiosho to stop battling, she does really just want whats best for Kiosho and wishes him to be nothing but happy. Shidare Shojo is incredibly hard to work with when it comes to developing Kiosho's power and abilities, which is the sole reason why Kiosho has yet to reach Bankai, because Shidare Shojo just refuses to help Kiosho grow stronger as a fighter.

Inner World: "Palace of Sorrow" (Urei no Kyūden 憂いの宮殿). Kiosho's inner world, whilst his Zanpakuto is sealed, seems bleak at first glance; a wide open sky with a stable floor made of pure glass, which is unbreakable by any force and stretches across the entire world, which is endless. Both below and above the glass is filled with never ending sky, clouds scattered throughout. Scattered through the entirety of the glass surface are cubical glass columns whose heights range from 5 to 12 feet high and are a constant 2 feet in width. The glass columns are made of stained glass, each one depicting no image, instead randomly placed pieces of lavender, light purple, and dark purple pieces of stained glass, each column unique in it's arrangement. Shidare Shojo wanders through this never ending world constantly worrying about what is going on outside of Kiosho's inner world. Whilst Shidare Shojo is in it's Shikai form each of the previously lavender, light purple, and dark purple stained glass pieces located on the columns become a one way mirror to the outside world in which Shidare Shojo can see what is going on in each piece of stained glass on the columns. Bankai has yet to be achieved.

Zanpakuto Type: Defense / Kido

Shikai: Shidare Shojo's release command is "Dry your tears, Shidare Shojo!" ("No namida o kawakashi, Shidare Shojo!" あなたの涙を乾かし, しだれ乙女) and is spoken whilst Kiosho holds his sword out in front of him, right hand on the hilt while he slides the other up the flat surface of the blade to the tip; unless in quicker fight or flight situations in which Kiosho calls out the release command whilst unsheathing it, all in one motion. The entirety of Kiosho's sword becomes engulfed in a lavender light while the soft muffled sounds of a woman crying trails across the breeze from the resulting release of reiatsu. Once the light dims and soft mourns settles, Shidare Shojo remains with the same black and lavender crisscross grip, but in reverse color placement. The actual blade itself now has three layers however: the first is the same metal cutting edge of a katana; the middle layer however is now similar to a stained glass window from the hilt to the tip, ranging from a dark violet at the base, then slowly becoming lighter lavender at the tip; the third layer of the sword is a thin ebony layer of metal from base to tip. While released, an eleven link chain dangles from the butt of Kiosho's hilt, a small glass cube connecting every three links.

-In this first state, Shidare Shojo has the ability to copy and add the amount of force used against Kiosho in its own strikes, known as Meniwame ("Eye for an Eye"). This means, when an opponent clashes swords with Kiosho, that amount of force is added to Kiosho's next strike, and if the opponent strikes Kiosho's sword multiple times before Kiosho actually makes a swing, the force is added together and unleashed all at once when Kiosho finally makes his move, even if it be a mere flick of his blade.

-Hojo (Cry 泣く): This ability creates a 10 foot high, 10 foot wide, glass wall made of Reishi within a 20 foot radius of Kiosho; this transparent wall is capable of absorbing any Reiatsu/Reiryoku type blast whether it be Kido, energy / elemental Zanpakuto attack, Bala, Cero, etc. Kiosho can only create one wall at a time, but can absorb an infinite amount of attacks into that wall. If the wall is attacked physically, it shatters into shards of white Reishi that dissipate into the air.

-Hitto (Hit or Strike ヒット): This ability fires all the attacks absorbed by Hojo back at, or redirected at, an opponent.

Bankai: Kiosho has not yet achieved Bankai.
Kiosho Shihoin - Bleach OC
My OC Kiosho Shihoin.

-Kiosho Shihoin (Original Pic): (Stash'd)

-Shidare Shojo (Sword):

-Shidare Shojo (Manifested):


Bleach © Kubo Tite
Kiosho Shihoin © Kiosho-Shihoin
Layout © NexusYuber
Preview Picture © ichan-desu


Kiosho-Shihoin's Profile Picture
Jimmy VanOrman ヴァンオーマン ジミー
United States

:bulletpurple:Hello, I am Jimmy Leon VanOrman III and I love art, but lack in making it; I do believe myself to be a good writer though, I write well.

:bulletpurple:Like I said, I am no artist by any means, but I am a: Commisioner, Amatuer Writer, Proficient Roleplayer, and Novice Cartographer.

:bulletpurple:My favorite type of art is anime; Bleach, Claymore, and Deadman Wonderland are some of my favorite animes - even though I have dozens I enjoy. Although, it's not the Bleach series I fell in love with by Kubo Tite, but more so, the Bleach universe, such as it's races, worlds, weapons, and overall concept; I love Claymore dearly, I just wish there were boy Claymores :( ; I instantly fell in love with Deadman Wonderland, despite hearing Ganta's annoying voice 100x every episode. The concept just seems so intriguing to me; I love Digimon & Pokemon as much if not more then I did as a kid, I guess the child in me will always have a soft spot for the shows I grew up on; And I love maps - descriptive detail of cities, villages, and entire mythical lands just intrigue and amuse me.

Well, that is it about me. Have any further questions, just ask; I'm a pretty nice guy..!


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